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I write novels that happen here on earth, and in alternate realities. I like to call them chase novels because they involve a main character who has been forced from home, comfort, and everything normal. The fight to survival might not be accomplished in conventional ways.

The ride for me the self-published author began in September 2012 when my writing adventure of the summer concluded with The Mindstalker which is available on Kindle.

The Mindstalker is free for download on June 7th. Download my novel and read it for free. This is my way of thanking all of you bloggers out there for your support as I enter the new and exciting world of blogging. When you finish reading the book, please write a review and post it on Amazon.com.

In The Mindstalker an automobile accident leaves Kitty a quadriplegic unable to communicate easily. Her imagination takes her on a journey that she thinks is in her mind. In reality, Kitty is communicating through her daydreams. Will she realize what she is doing before she hurts her new friend, Peter?

You don’t have enough time for a novel? My writing adventure this winter includes putting out a collection in January 2013 (after the world doesn’t end) called, Life and Death. Three short stories that deal with essential questions: “You Have the Right to Remain Dead”, “Jerry’s Genes: Or How to Save the World From Famine”, and ” The Donor”.  These three short stories are available on Kindle and are free for all Amazon Prime Members. The collection Life and Death is available free for download on June 6th and 7th.

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Sheila Skilllingstead

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“The obstacle is the path” is a zen saying.
These driftwood logs extend for approximately 3 miles on the Olympic Peninsula.

Just Saying.